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Twenties Club Barcelona
LocationCalle Rosselló, 208, BarcelonaApprochMetro L5 Diagonal / FFCC ProvençaTime23:55h – 06:00hMusicHits / Reggaeton / R&B / House Comercial / Top HitsDress CodeWell-dressed: No Sneakers or SportswearAge+18Guest ListJoin NowPartiesBook NowShare

Twenties Club Barcelona

Twenties Club Barcelona

Twenties Club is situated at the core of Barcelona, and is in a real sense the core of all dance club in Barcelona! The club is some what youthful and draws in every one of the youthful hordes of Barcelona; understudies and local people the same. Twenties Nightclub has been in a real sense worked to be the ideal ocean side club.

TWENTIES Club Barcelona Clothing regulation FOR MEN

Twenties dance club is visited by probably the coolest, youthful and receptive hordes of the city. You will generally view as the wild, party going understudy swarms topping off the climate of Twenties club, notwithstanding, many global groups can be found also. The clothing standard for Twenties club is totally relaxed and chill, very much like all the other things about this club!

TWENTIES Club Barcelona Clothing standard FOR Ladies

Ladies generally find it simpler to acquire section into any club; in any case, the clothing standard is something which is very severe and should be followed consistently. The clothing standard for Twenties club, be that as it may, is all around as relaxed as individuals inside the club! Here is all you want to be familiar with the clothing regulation for Twenties club.

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