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Barcelona Night Parties for Students

barcelona night parties for students

 Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife is known for its parties and events that cater to students. Barcelona offers something for everyone, whether you are an Erasmus student or studying abroad. Here are the best student night parties in Barcelona.

  1. Erasmus welcome parties:
    At the start of every semester, different organizations and student associations organize welcoming parties for Erasmus students. These parties are a wonderful way to meet other international students and make new friends. They also provide an opportunity to kick-off the semester in a memorable manner.
  2. Student nights at clubs:
    On specific days during the week, many Barcelona clubs host student night events. Students can enjoy reduced entry fees as well as drink specials.Razzmatazz and Sala Apolo are three popular clubs known for their energetic parties and student-friendly atmosphere.
  3. Bar crawls:
    A bar crawl allows you to explore the nightlife of Barcelona while visiting different bars and clubs.Bar crawls are organized by several companies that take students to the best spots for nightlife in Barcelona.
  4. Beach Party:
    In the summer, Barcelona’s beaches are alive with events and beach parties that attract both students and locals.There’s something going on along the coast of Barcelona, especially in areas such as Barceloneta or Bogatell.
  5. Pub Quizzes and Themed Parties:
    Many Barcelona bars and pubs host pub quizzes and themed parties throughout the week. This is a great way for students in Barcelona to relax and socialize.The themes range from costume parties to trivia competitions.
  6. Student Clubs and Associations:
    Joining clubs and student associations at Barcelona’s universities is a good way to keep up to date with upcoming events and parties that are geared towards students.These groups often organize social gatherings, themed parties, and cultural exchanges throughout the semester.
  7. International Meetups:
    Barcelona is a melting-pot of cultures and it’s easy for students from all over the world to connect. com, Couchsurfing, and other websites organize language exchanges and international meetups where students can mix, practice their languages, and make new friends.
  8. House Parties and Private Parties:
    Don’t undervalue the appeal of house parties and private gatherings that are popular among Barcelona students. These events, whether it’s an intimate gathering with friends or one organized by a group of students, offer a relaxed and more intimate atmosphere to socialize and have fun.

Barcelona has a vibrant and exciting nightlife for students. There are many opportunities to socialize, party and make lasting memories while you’re abroad. Remember to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife responsibly, and to respect the local customs and laws.

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